Allegiant Wireless' engineering consultants are recognized specialists in public safety mobile radio technologies.

Allegiant is an independent consulting firm specializing in planning, design, and implementation of state-of-the-art public safety radio communications systems. Allegiants' engineers have been at the vanguard of public saftey radio for four decades.

We are not affiliated with equipment manufacturers or service providers; our engineering is not biased toward any vendor, technology, or product.

We take pride in our reputation for always maintaining truth and integrity; these will never be compromised.

  • Police Communications

  • Fire Communications

  • EMS Communications

  • State Transit Communications

Public Safety Radio Technologies

  • P25 standards-based systems
  • TETRA standards-based systems

Whether you're looking to upgrade your current system, join a state or regional system, or solve interference issues, Allegiant Wireless is your subject matter expert.

Technical Expertise

  • VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz Analog, Digital, Conventional And Trunked System SME
  • APCO P25 Phase I & II; TETRA; DMR
  • Simulcast & Multicast Networks
  • Mobile Data Systems; Wireless Data; Broadband Networks
  • Microwave System Design
  • Two-Way Radio Communications System Design
  • In-Building DAS System Design 

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