Unbiased ERRC Testing

International Building Code section 918 requires ERRC Compliance Testing on all new commercial construction.
This testing measures First Responders' radio coverage throughout all parts of the structure. An ERRC Test determines if a structure will require a DAS/BDA system.
Our company, Allegiant Wireless, performs 3rd party - unbiased - ERRC Testing.
I say unbiased because, unlike other companies who provide this service, we do not sell or install DAS, also known as BDA, systems, which is what a building needs if it fails its test.
Consequently, we have no incentive to skew test results, making our testing unbiased.  We deliver trustworthy results 100% of the time.
We provide ERRC Testing nationwide.

Allegiant Wireless

Allegiant Wireless' engineers have been at the vanguard of designing, testing, upgrading, and troubleshooting mission critical radio systems for 40 years.

We have great pride in being among the most knowledgeable, reliable, and trusted public safety radio engineering consultancys in the country.